Nature's Acts of Enchantment: The Art Behind the Petroglyph
An Artist Approach to Studying Palaeoart
Nature's Acts of Enchantement
Copyright 2011 by Johnny R Sosaya.
All Rights Reserved
After several years of studying petroglyphs from an artist's perspective, a hands-off systematic approach and
concept was developed for photographing the colors, shapes and forms seen in the natural geological
landscapes surrounding prehistoric Rock-Art sites and petroglyph panels. The hypotheses is called:

                                                      Acts of Enchantment
                                       The Art Behind the Petroglyph

In short, the Acts of Enchantment hypotheses embraces the idea that petroglyphs are not randomly engraved,
but in fact, placed there by ancient Humans because their imaginations were enchanted by natural
representative landscape images they saw on the surface of the rock panel, boulder or geological landscape.
Included in this website are a series of slide
presentations containing a series of photographs,
digital art enhancements, scans of various art
renderings, prints and sketches which represent the
first of a series of examples of what is referred to as: